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I’m so glad you’re here - because encouraging and equipping incredible souls like you to live their all-out lives with LIMITLESS sets my SOUL ON FIRE!  


At school, I was the shy girl.  

BUT -  I was the shy girl with BIG DREAMS and I hadn’t yet learnt to limit myself through fear - so I didn’t! 


I went on to land my dream job and PLAY BIG by:


  • Becoming the first woman to host a Network Chart Show with Hit40UK

  • Hosting the worlds longest running live TV Magazine Show

  • Becoming the first civilian to fly a full display with The Red Arrows


Wow.... what a ride!!


And I know there’s so much more in life for all of us, if we only learn to live all out, be brave and own our future.  That’s why I spent years studying in NLP and Coaching - training at the prestigious Coaches Training Institute in London.  


It’s not about being a different person

It’s about getting back to and celebrating all that you ARE! 


It’s about SHOWING UP,  being BRAVE and PLAYING BIG.  


It’s about knowing there’s more and LIVING IT! 


It’s about stepping into INFINITE possibility. 

It’s about owning your FUTURE.

It’s about designing and living your LIMITLESS LIFE!


If you’re feeing excited / nervous / alive reading this - take the sign! 

What are you waiting for? 


Katy x

1:1 Coaching 

I’ll help you design the roadmap for where you’re heading and equip you with the tools and techniques to RISE -

challenging and cheerleading you in equal measure as you step into a life you hadn’t even dared to dream possible!   

A LIMITLESS life of PASSION and PURPOSE - the life you were born to live! 

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Online Courses

In 2021 I passionately launched my first online course for those who:

"Feel as if you’ve lost YOU, lost your SPARK?

Want life to look DIFFERENT going forward"?

I'd worked SO hard through the various Lockdowns and wanted to create something to help with what was happening. 

I was BLOWN AWAY by the response. 

Which is why I'm excitedly working right now on something very special for early 2022 which I can't wait to share!  News VERY soon! 


Limitless Corporate

Partnering with individuals and teams, improving their self awareness, confidence and performance is what sets my soul on fire!  

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