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I got interviewed by Living Oxfordshire Magazine to celebrate their International Women's Day issue. WOW! What an honour to be chosen for the cover of THAT issue?! And I LOVED the fact that the magazines Editor, Samantha Harman, had grown up watching me on TV. It felt all kinds of serendipitous that my first interview about my LIMITLESS journey was with someone who'd grown up watching me. WHY?

Because I feel as if life has come full circle with my new journey. I feel as if, in my early career I encouraged girls to PLAY BIG by jumping out of planes (!) and now I encourage those same girls as women with my coaching, many of whom are now my clients.

This didn't feel like "just another interview" for me. It was my first big interview on LIMITLESS and it felt like the launch of my exciting new chapter! Here's the interview in full!


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