Hey I'm Katy. . .

You may know me as a TV & Radio Presenter but these days my journey as a

Personal Development & Empowerment Coach is what really sets my SOUL ON FIRE!


Equipping and empowering others to live their all-out lives is my passion and purpose in 2021.


After qualifying through extensive training in NLP and Coaching since 2017, I’m so proud of everything 

LIMITLESS By Katy Hill offers:

  • LIMITLESS 1:1 Coaching Programme

  • LIMITLESS Keynote

  • LIMITLESS Workshops

  • LIMITLESS Online Courses

  • LIMITLESS Podcast


My WHY is to IGNITE us all to OWN WHO WE ARE. To be FIERCE.  To be FEARLESS. To live our LIMITLESS lives.  


Let’s do this!                    

                                                                        Katy x


"I want to help you step into your LIMITLESS life... the life that you were

born to LIVE!"


Katy is everything you want her to be and so much more! I'll be forever grateful for the person she's helped me to become - both personally and professionally.  I was so stuck and she helped me take back control of my life and design the life I want to live going forward! I now 100% know who I am, where I'm going and how I'm getting there!  

Sky -L ondon

Katy's intuition, insight and courage to challenge and hold you accountable are catalysts for key moments of self discovery.  The journey is not only engaging but transformative.  She skilfully puts you in the driving seat and encourages and equips you to step into a life you hadn’t even dreamed of!

Giles - Oxford

Katy's warm personality, wonderful zest for life and genuine care for you as a person is above and beyond amazing. I leave every session with a bounce in my step, feeling understood, excited to work on "me" and looking forward to our next session.

I feel honured to have been helped by such a force of nature!

 Jo - L os Angeles

Pampas Grass
IGNITE-Katy Hill


With a waitlist for my 1:1 Coaching I was  super excited to launch my first online course IGNITE in 2021.  

WOW!  The response blew me away!

The course is now closed but there are big things heading your way in JANUARY 2022!

Be sure to sign up to THE LIMITLESS LIST to be the first in line when they land! 

LIMITLESS 1:1 Coaching

Women come to me for coaching for many varied reasons but the end result is the same ... Living your biggest, boldest, playing all-out life!


If you feel like there’s more for you in life,

it’s because THERE IS!


And I’d be honoured to share your journey - to  help you find your MORE as you step into your LIMITLESS life.  Get in touch! 




Partnering with individuals and teams, improving their self awareness, confidence and performance is what sets my soul on fire!  My 45-minute motivational Keynote was first delivered alongside Erin Brokovich at Universal Studios in Florida and takes me to the best places!   I also offer my powerful Corporate Workshops and 1:1 Coaching.

LIMITLESS Corporate 


The LIMITLESS  Podcast


I'm so proud of the Limitless By Katy Hill podcast.  It's a mix of my life and journey after 20 years in TV and Radio plus coaching tools and techniques to empower my listeners!

New for 2021 are interviews with amazing people to inspire, motivate and explore all elements of LIMITLESS living. 

T V & Radio


After two decades fronting live TV and Radio, and with a BAFTA Best Presenter and NTA to my name, connecting with audiences is what I love to do!  


Having taken time out to raise a family in LA and to train, and now work, as  a Personal Development and Empowerment Coach,  all my work now needs to resonate with my ethos. 

If you have a brand that fits with Katy brand and ethos - find out how she can support you and help you elevate your message through her streams of influence.