Limitless Corporate 

Inspiring & Empowering in the workplace

The Limitless Keynote

Corporate Workshops and

1:1 Coaching

Following years training as Coach and NLP Practitioner I'm passionate about Personal Development and being the catalyst for powerful change. 


Partnering with individuals and teams, improving their self awareness, confidence and performance is what sets my soul on fire!

My 45 Minute KEYNOTE is designed to take my audience on a journey of discovery and leaves them fired up for life, with tangible tools and techniques they can apply to all areas of life. 


My LIMITLESS WORKSHOPS were developed when companies expressed a desire for more off the back of my Keynote. So I created more! 

The workshops offer a unique group coaching experience and attendees report feeling empowered and energised, with a greater understanding of who they are and where they’re headed in life.  I’m proud of the unique and powerful atmosphere I manage to create within corporate settings.  

The programme leads to greater self-awareness, exponential personal growth and increased productivity and fulfilment as potential is realised and unleashed! 

The powerful LIMITLESS 1:1 CORPORATE COACHING programme is a great way to follow the KEYNOTE or WORKSHOPS.  


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