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When it comes to collaborating with companies, Katy always puts her audience first and consciously keeps her collaborations to a minimum across a year.  Looking at her social media feeds you instantly notice they are authentic, engaged and refreshingly free of the Paid Partnership tag


Katy’s selective approach to collaborations ensures considerable impact for the companies she does choose to work with.  Impact is central to everything Katy does and she works hard to ensure COLLABORATIONS ALWAYS EXCEED EXPECTATIONS! 


Katy is a well-loved broadcaster with a  BAFTA - Best Presenter Award, NTA and TRIC Award to her name across her 20 years in media.  Now as a trained Personal Development and Empowerment Coach with her company LIMITLESS  - she brings her award-winning LIMITLESS LIFESTYLE blog and the LIMITLESS By Katy Hill Podcast.  Her passion for inspiring and equipping others to live their all-out lives brings with it new and exciting collaboration potential with brands that "fit".


  Katy’s work resonates with her engaged audience across social media. Add in her filming capabilities with her husband Trey Farley and his content production company Rocaflix ( and the potential for collaborations is pretty unique. 

Award-Winning Writer​ 

Katy has won awards for her writing and featured in Grazia, Hello and Family Traveller Magazines and her double-page monthly Coaching Columns for Fit & Well Magazine have been really popular with the audience.  


Her original award-winning blog started in 2009 and readers respected Katy for her honest, refreshingly normal approach to life.  What started as a Parenting Blog to encourage others has now evolved into a Lifestyle Blog to encourage LIMITLESS Living - featuring Travel, Health & Fitness, Coaching and Wellness. 


“As a powerful force for positivity and constructive thinking, Katy is the perfect choice as our columnist and writes like a dream. Always full of ideas for columns, she works in a collaborative way with editors and delivers sharp, to-the-point copy which is full of humour, practical advice and warmth. She's highly professional and really 'gets' the brief (ie the audience), whomever she's writing for. Oh, and she never misses a deadline!”

Ally Oliver, Editor, Fit & Well Magazine       



The LIMITLESS By Katy Hill Podcast was launched in 2020 - full of inspiring interviews and tools, techniques and takeaways for living your all-out, biggest, boldest life. The Podcast is a great place for Katy to interview key people from brands that resonate with her ethos and audience. Brand Sponsorship of individual episodes or series is a possibility.



“Katy’s incredible knack of peppering practical, positive advice combined with a good dose of real-life awareness is what makes this podcast so great.  If you could do with a good pep talk from a mate, try this”!

“I look forward to hearing Katy each time a podcast lands.  She talks about the stuff that matters, yet simplifies things.  Her breakdown of subjects to make life feel easier is so useful and actionable”


Broadcast Days

Twenty years of fronting live TV and Radio make Katy a natural choice to anchor brand Broadcast Days. 

The brand is always central to everything she delivers but in a natural, organic and authentic way that sees her seamlessly peppering the key messaging throughout any interview.  


“Katy was a true pro at handling our Broadcast Day –  I guess all those years as a broadcast professional pays off!  Our brand felt in the safest of hands and she was adept at bringing the interview back on topic when others tried to steer the conversation elsewhere!

As an added bonus, she was really great to be around!”  

June Glackin, READYCAMP 


Social Media


Katy has an engaged following across Instagram Facebook and Twitter  and uses her authentic voice to connect brands with her audience. 


“Katy did a great job of showcasing our brand to her engaged social media following.  She seemed to know exactly what would resonate with her followers and refreshingly we noticed she actually interacts with her audience and replies to their comments authentically –  a lovely person”!

Hannah Mulvey, VISIT FLORIDA 


Campaign Testimonials


Campaign: Family Greek Island Hopping 

Content: Together with Rocaflix, to fully produce a Cinema Commercial, Brand Videos and Social Media to promote the Island Hopping to a family audience. 


"It’s clear Katy’s audience love what she has to say and she says it with such passion it’s impossible not to suggest all of our destinations to her. She represents a modern family travelling the world and it makes great sharable content. Working with her and Trey as a creative content team is a dream and the quality is beyond what you could wish for”.

Jonathan Peel, Director Peel + Williams - PR for Olympic Holidays 


Company: YOPLAIT  

Campaign: Broadcast Day 

Content: Promoting Family Healthy Eating + Creativity 


“Working with Katy was a wonderful experience as a client.  Briefing to execution was effortless - she has an amazing ability to apply her experiences and down to earth nature into energetic and exciting interviews that you just know your audience will be incredibly engaged with. An absolute pleasure to work with - Katy felt like a member of the team”.

Nina Russell - Marketing Director YOPLAIT


"When you work with Katy she is exactly what you want her to be … FABULOUS! She’s a presenter and an influencer with a difference - she was brought up in the TV & Radio world which means your brand is in very safe hands on your broadcast day. Her delivery is professional and on point and everybody loves her.”

Pamela Lyddon - Director - Bright Star Digital Agency - PR for Yoplait



Campaign:  1 week trip to Florida to encourage families to visit Kissimmee. 

Content: Social Media on the trip promoted in a 3 month Social Media Campaign


“VISIT FLORIDA worked with Katy as part of a UK-focussed influencer campaign. Working with Katy was a great way for us to reach a family audience and showcase Florida’s diverse activities. Katy’s content was fun, relatable and engaging - we loved working with her and hope to continue our relationship.”

Hannah Mulvey, Director, Gosh PR - UK PR for Visit Florida



Campaign: Ignite Conference KEYNOTE

Content: 1 hour Keynote & Social Media Campaign - speaking alongside Erin Brokovich to delegates at Universal Studios, Florida 

 Term: 3 Days October 2018


“Katy was keen to understand the objective of our event and learn more about the audience she was presenting to and structured her presentation around that objective. Katy delivered an excellent presentation and left our delegates feeling inspired and motivated.  She was engaging, and knowledgeable.  Most of all, Katy is a real person and was lovely to work with.  She was totally committed to making a success of our event”.

Cherie Richards, Commercial Director, Global Travel Group 

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