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Are YOU making this POINTLESS mistake?!

Just wanted to share something that hit me recently.

Yup - I was on POINTLESS this month.

We recorded at Elstree Studios before Christmas and it felt like we'd been in Lockdown forever so when the team got in touch about a Blue Peter Special, I jumped at the chance to do something outside of my home for a day! No homeschooling? No cooking? I'M IN!

BUT I'm gonna let you into a little secret... NEVER AGAIN! Why?

Well, it was obviously AMAZING seeing all my past colleagues - Blue Peter is such a close knit family since we all have such a unique shared experience and it was lovely to see them - albeit briefly since we were all kept separate all day before recording because of Covid!

BUT - One of the production team came and asked me how I'd introduce myself on the show. I suggested "Hi - I'm Katy - on Blue Peter I encouraged a generation of girls to play big by jumping out of planes, now I encourage women to play big with my coaching - many of whom are those same girls!" It felt perfect because THAT'S how I feel! As if life has come full circle in a great way. And I'm SO excited for this chapter - the description felt like it weaved my past story into my present. Happy days!

But when we came to record, all I was allowed to say?

"Hi - I'm Katy - Number 22" *sobs

All any of us were allowed to say was our number on the show!

That might seem like a small thing but to me it felt HUGE. WHY?

Because we need to be celebrating who each other are TODAY! The full journey that's brought us to NOW. None of us should be held at who we were at 24!

I know it might seem dramatic (!) and, don't get me wrong, I'm SO proud of getting to present Blue Peter - total life highlight. BUT - It just felt so odd not to be able to share about my new journey and feeling SO far removed from that "No 22" girl at 24!

I know this was just a POINTLESS (!) TV show but it taught me such a great lesson about how we all live and how it's important to live in the NOW. I guess it was also about the fact that I would hate anyone watching to think I was holding MYSELF to who I was at 24. Far from it!

I've now lived TWICE the life I had at 24 (in every way!) and I'm SO much happier now at 50!

(in my next post I'll share the epic shoot I did with Hello Mag - celebrating my full life journey to now - and the opposite of my Pointless moment in every way!)

SO - my question for you today - are YOU holding YOURSELF to a time in the past?

A time in history that you can't move forward from?

Or that others are holding you to?

Because LIFE IS HAPPENING! And we need to make sure we're constantly moving forward and living in the NOW. We also need to make sure we surround ourselves with people who'll celebrate the NOW - who are excited for our journey and where we're headed. Who we are TODAY.

There was a 1 in 400 trillion chance that you'd be here! TRUE FACTS!

So yup - YOU are pretty damn special!

And I don't want you or anyone else holding you to who you USED TO BE!

I want you to be owning who you ARE TODAY and the unique gifts only YOU can share with the world!


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