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Yup - today marks the Summer Solstice - the longest day of the year.

In an example of life being in perfect alignment, it's also the EXACT mid-point for this year's LIMITLESS LIVE - my group coaching programme!

WOW - ALL the feels.

I LOVE when things like that happen!

It feels all kinds of perfect since tonight we're talking about IMPACT and having the impact only YOU can have. Speaking of which ...

Half way through the year - how does that make you feel?

Is the year going as you wanted it to?

This time of year always reminds me of how I approach mid points generally.

And I liken it to how I felt about the Summer Holidays as a kid.

The first 3 weeks? AMAZING!

Barefoot - ALL the freedom! ALL the fun!

The minute I hit halfway?

You might as well have written the whole thing off!

Counting DOWN the weeks to the return to school was THE worst.

I may as well have gone back at that mid-point!

And then I remember getting to the day before school - mum was furiously sewing name labels into anything that didn't move (!) and I was GUTTED.

Not because I was going back to school - but because

I realised I'd wasted that SECOND HALF!

I thought back to that mid point and realised there was SO much time left, SO much fun to have - and I'd totally wasted it.



Midpoint of the year?

However the first half has gone, let's get intentional so we can make the rest of it count!

So - here are some powerful questions for you:

1. What did I LOVE in the first half and want more of?

2. What am I ready to leave behind in the first half?

3. How do I want to feel for the rest of the journey?

4. How can I show up more powerfully from here?

5. What ONE thing do I want to achieve in this second half and what steps can AND WILL I take to make that happen?

6. Who do I need to support me?

There's an impact only YOU can have on the world - so just STEP UP and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Let's commit to making this second half count.


You just need to believe it, own it and freikin' LIVE IT!

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