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I was NAKED on stage!

So this week - to my horror, I found myself NAKED ON STAGE!

I'll just let that sink in!

I have no idea how I ended up there or, indeed, what happened to all my clothes - but there I was, NAKED, ON A STAGE in front of a room of people.

Yup - the stress dreams have started!


But - I've learnt to WELCOME them when they come.


Because they're born out of fear but 100% show:

  1. I CARE about my work!

  2. I'm CHOOSING to step up!

  3. I KNOW the IMPACT the day will have!

I've talked before about the two names for fear, mentioned in the book PLAYING BIG by Tara Mohr, who, like me, trained at the Coaches Training Institute.

Pachad and Yirah.

  • PACHAD is the fear that keeps you INSIDE a boundary - playing small, diminishing yourself.

  • YIRAH is the fear of breaking a boundary - taking up a bigger space than usual, it's expansive, it's you stepping into your potential - a LIFE GIVING FEAR!

THAT'S why I don't mind being naked on a stage! So -

  1. If you're already booked to join me - don't worry - I won't actually BE naked on the day! Just in my dreams, pretty much every night between now and when we get together on 5th!

  2. If you haven't booked yet - I'd love to help support YOU to be OK with fear to make 2023 the year you played BIGGER than you ever thought you would! JOIN US on 5th March - details below!

It's gonna be A-MAZING!


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