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Thankful - Not Just A "Nice To Have"...

I'm having THE best week, surrounded by incredible women - and wanted to share. 

In my membership - The Collective - we've been talking GOALS and getting ready for 2024 and super excited for it - we've been sharing our visions and goals and, crucially, HOW to get there!   

It's THE best group of supportive women! 

I've also guested on some amazing podcasts AND...  have started recording a new season of MINE! (and if you didn't know I had a podcast - check out Season 1!)

And I couldn't have kicked off in a more powerful way - with the amazing Lisa Bilyeu

Talk about kindred spirits - we could have chatted ALL day! 

Lisa is in the US where today  is all about THANKSGIVING.

When we lived in LA - I LOVED Thanksgiving!  A day to spend with those you love - thinking of all the things you're grateful for this past year?


SO powerful.  Why?


The effects of gratitude have been shown to have the same impact as medication! 

The impact is neurological and physical because we express and receive gratitude our brain releases dopamine and serotonin, the feel good hormones!

AND it's not about the big things.

It's celebrating the small things in life...

Being thankful / practicing gratitude also works because:

“By consciously practicing gratitude everyday, we can help these neural pathways to strengthen themselves and ultimately create a permanent grateful and positive nature within ourselves!”


  1. Stronger immunity 

  2. Better mood

  3. Positive emotions & thoughts 

  4. Better sleep

THIS is why we have a GRATITUDE post EVERY WEEK in The Collective - it's THAT important!   The doors are currently OPEN so click below to check it out before the price increases next year ...

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