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Oh 2020 - into 2021.

Who knew we'd be learning so many lessons about life and love?

And things we'll never take for granted again.

The simplest things that we didn't realise were actually the most important.

Looking back on this ball I went to with friends a while back - I've realised some truths...

That getting dressed up now and again

is good for the soul!

That if you ever get offered the chance to go to

a themed ball - you must TAKE IT!

That occasionally getting a friend to your hair and make up is SUCH a luxury and such a different experience to the usual 3 minutes grabbed at the mirror!

That encouraging your husband to wear his wedding suit to a ball is all kinds of wonderful!

That apparently I've always had an obsession with


That I'm SO grateful to have some gorgeous humans in my life an will never ever EVER take hanging out with friends for an evening for granted.

Like EVER.

I know this too shall pass and we'll all be socialising again soon but what I wouldn't give to hit pause and just have an evening connecting with my wonderful crew again.

I think we can probably all agree we feel the same, right?

Looking back at these pictures has put a BIG smile on my face and I totally recommend doing the same with your photos. Evenings with friends? Holidays? All those things we will never take for granted again and will be here before we know it!


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