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I'm SO excited! "That" secret thing is out in the world!

Be sure to read to the bottom to find out all about it and SIGN UP!

And if you've been with me for a while or remember me from my Heart Breakfast days - you'll know that I'm a massive over-sharer! If I have news? I LOVE sharing it!

And if I know that news has the power to CHANGE YOUR LIFE? BOOM!

So this secrecy has been SO hard for me and I'm SO excited the secret is out!

Meanwhile - this week I just wanted to talk briefly about BEING MORE YOU!

How can you bring more YOU into your workplace?

How can you bring more YOU into your WORLD?

I was speaking with one of my 1:1 clients from the US this week about how we start playing small in life. We have bad experiences and shut parts of us down because, well, we want to protect ourselves in the future, right?

And I used the analogy of a PIANO.

When we were kids, we played the WHOLE 8 octives!

It was all there to be enjoyed and it sounded like a cocophony of SOUND!

All those different tones.

Then, as LIFE happened, we start playing smaller.

That bottom octive?

That time that person was mean stopped us playing THAT one.

The top octive?

Someone said we were "showing off" so we never went there again.

And it continued until, what you ended up playing got smaller and smaller. And what used to be a stunning symphony of sound? Became CHOPSTICKS.

Just those few notes in the middle of the keyboard.

I'm seeing LIFE FATIGUE in my DMs from women right now. These past few years have been a LOT and lots of women are feeling like they're lacking momentum or energy right now.

But guess what? In THESE uncertain times, the ONLY thing you're in control of is YOU! So make sure you're living ALL of your amazingness!


You just need to be brave enough to play it!


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