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How to NEVER have "that Sunday night feeling" again!

I've had some amazingly impactful sessions with my 1:1 clients this week - which make me SO beyond happy! No matter what walk of life my client comes from - I've worked with Lawyers and Opticians and US Senators and Housewives - they ALL have one thing in common...

They know there's more for them in life

They just don't know how to find it!

And that's where I come in!

I always tend to coach on zoom but sometimes we'll grab an in person session so this week I was in London at the stunning Allbright in Mayfair - just THE most beautiful club for badass, incredible female connection!

That said - with World Mental Health Day this week, I wanted to mention a video I posted

on Instagram about NORMAL DAYS! Because not EVERY day is a day with my amazing

clients at Allbright London!

Yes - my approach with LIMITLESS is to help my clients discover and live their all-out, big, bold, playing-big lives. But that doesn't mean:

  • You'll be happy all the time.

  • You'll never face hardship.

  • Your every day will feel like a 10/10!

Social media can make you believe everyone is living an amazing existence all the time and it's just not true. It's ALL life! And it's ALL to be appreciated!

As I was saying on instagram this week when I was sat working in Costa waiting for my car to be serviced (7 hours!) life is a series of regular days - peppered with some amazing days, some sad days, some incredible days, some fun days! And it's about being OK in all those moments.

You can't have the AMAZING days without the MEH!

You can't have the HAPPY days without the SAD.

You can't have the MEMORY MAKING days without the MUNDANE.

That said - I DO believe that when you're living a life filled with PASSION AND PURPOSE - clear on your IMPACT, living YOUR TRUTH and clear on WHO you are, WHY you're here, WHERE you're going and HOW you'll get there - you WILL never get "that Sunday night feeling" again!

Knowing you're ultimately working towards having the IMPACT that only you can have, is what makes the "not so" days feel OK!

Which is why I've decided to open my coaching books!

I wasn't going to take on any new clients right now - BUT I'm super passionate about setting you up powerfully for 2023 - so LADIES - I'm making a few extra slots available for my Limitless 1:1 programme in November / December - so if you want to get spectacularly clear on WHO you are, WHY you're here, WHERE you're going and HOW you'll get there for 2023 - let's chat!

Because I DO believe there's more for ALL OF US!

And I can help you find it!


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