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I LOVE getting inspired. You know that!

#AD – So when Desenio asked if I wanted to choose some prints to create a Gallery Wall?

It was a YES from me!

Thing is – it’s always hard to imagine how it’s going to look and I always admire how people put different looks together and it works.

Then I discovered the company has a cunning hack up their sleeves in the shape of their CREATE A GALLERY WALL section.

A genius idea!

You literally follow the step by step process of selecting your wall colour, shape of pictures, size of pictures and then can play around to your hearts content – creating the wall of your dreams!

OR – you can even order gallery walls they’ve already created by scrolling through page upon page of inspiration and finding the look you’re trying to create! The rooms are all SO stunning I feel like I should put some kind of disclaimer on here as you’ll instantly want to pimp your entire house!

Anyway – I was feeling brave so decided I wanted to go from scratch and make the walls super personal to us as a family. You can also order frames for the prints and it all arrived super fast.

Here are a couple of the walls I came up with:


I LOVE my bar but I wanted some kind of wall candy to go around it.And I knew I wanted an eclectic mix of styles and colours.I LOVED the COCKTAILS AND DINNERS print – just something about the colours of it really complimented the bar. Then there’s the LA Skyline which is special to us, since we spent 3 amazing years living in LA when Kaya, our eldest, was born.

The gorgeous pool picture reminded me of Palm Springs which we often visited when we lived there and holiday vibes always inspire me.The incredible sun image just makes me feel relaxed – Frieda – ALWAYS need to have a bit of Frieda in the world and the flowers and colours on this image just did something to my soul!And YES – we all need a bit more YES in our lives, right?


This is one of the favourite corners of my dining room. The chair is my family nursing chair and for years it was covered in an ugly loose cover which I removed the minute it was in my hands and boom – the most stunning botanical print underneath. I’d love to know the stories this chair could tell.

The room was slightly lacking in wall action so I designed this 3-some.

I loved the botanical print because, well, who doesn’t?!

The palm feel to it makes me think of travelling and, as a travel writer, that’s something close to my heart. The pink door made me think of Tuscany, where Trey and I got married – so always gonna be a special place – and the Lion? Just DIVINE!

We all need to find our inner lion sometimes, right?

Lions always just speak to me of power and strength and I feel like those early days with a newborn are magical but sometimes challenging and bring out the lion in all of us!


And finally… a bit of inspiration in my chill out room – in the shape of this gorgeous Palm Springs print – a place we spent lots of time when we lived in LA.

Thanks to DESENIO for the experience of designing walls and for providing the prints needed for this blog.


DESENIO gifted me the prints in this blog. Because I loved them!

All views are my own


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