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Your home ENVIRONMENT matters, like REALLY matters.

So much so, that ENVIRONMENT is one of the 9 LIMITLESS LIFE PILLARS I explore with my coaching clients. It's super important to the feeling of balance in your life and one of the key areas proven to contribute to feelings of fulfilment.

Your home environment impacts you every. single. day and as a result, has a direct impact on how you FEEL and how you SHOW UP TO LIFE! So yeah - pretty important!

THAT'S why you can feel energised and lighter when you sort out a cupboard!

THAT'S why you can paint a room and it changes how you feel about YOU!

THAT'S why we all have our own style that impacts OUR lives in the way WE want it to!

We've lived in our current home for 12 years - the longest we've lived anywhere. The house has been here a LOT longer - like a LOT! Build in 1671 this home has love in its walls! And we feel the responsibility to look after it fully so when Carpetright asked if we wanted to work with them on our floors? Err... everything from one place?


Transparency: Carpetright provided the product and fitting service for our new floors but this isn't a paid partnership or advert outside of that. All views are my own.

We headed in-store to make selections (their stores are huge - the Swindon store just keeps going!) and before we knew it, Kelvin was at our house laying our new floors!

And yes - we had the same person throughout which was great.

We knew we wanted each area of our home to flow beautifully so we concentrated on making selections that would work in multiple rooms. We also decided on different textures but similar colours for our main areas to give it a cohesive feel.

Here's the lowdown - aka a quick game of "Where's Coco"!

Yup - as my shadow and fur baby she's pretty featured so apologies in advance!

But we're SO thrilled with our results so I wanted to share. It's amazing how new floor can totally transform somewhere and how you feel about it.


First off - our SNUG.

This room really is the heart of our home.

It's where we all tend to hang out and, before, we had walnut wooden floors which, together with our beams made it feel dark. So we knew we wanted a change.

We had no idea how much we'd want a change until the old floor came up and Kelvin put the screed down. Err.... HOW many inches of room height did we just gain without the wooden floor? AMAZING! So that was it and, having thought we wanted wooden floor again the search was now on for something that would look like stone slabs but be slimline enough to retain the ceiling height.

We also realised the grey of the screed made the room SO much lighter so we wanted something that would give us the look of the screed but "finished".


We decided on the NEW CONTEMPORARY CONCRETE TILE which looks like individual slabs have been laid but, crucially, is slimline so kept the ceiling height we loved.


Our old wooden floor and skirting boards removed, Kelvin set about screeding the snug - just about the most relaxing thing to watch (for me!) Keeping 2 teens, 1 puppy and a cat from walking over the screed was no easy achievement (!) but SO worth it! And yes, the eagle eyed month you will spot the screed went down just before Christmas! We're SO pleased with the result...


Our Boot Room gets a LOT of traffic - plus mud now with a new fur baby - and since it leads into the snug, we kept the same flooring to make it all feel more expansive. The flow works SO well and has really added to the cohesive vibe of our downstairs.


Our Boot Roomed a tile floor which had seen better days and we wanted to have a cohesive feel through from the snug - so we chose the same floor. Again, the floor needed to be screeded to make it super flat ready for the new look.

We LOVE the room now and having the new floor has made it much warmer than the cold tiles that were there before. If you were a fan from my TV days - spot the original BBC TV Centre signs featured in our Boot Room! Ah - happy memories! Also the 1661 etching in the door from the year the house was built!


Our main guest bedroom on the first floor leads into the landing and playroom. And we wanted the same flooring throughout. Being an old property the rooms had floorboards which you'd think would be wonderful but it's way too noisy for the rooms below and the kids had always begged for carpet! We made our choice because we loved the colour and wearability of it since it was going to be in the high traffic areas of stairs plus playroom.


We decided on the SUPER SUBLIME SAXONY CARPET IN DOLPHIN and EVERYONE who comes to the house asks about it! It's hard wearing, brilliant with the odd spill and has the most gorgeous colour about it that looks different in different lights. It needed to be pretty special since it needed to be durable as it was going in high traffic areas including some of our stairs, yet needed to feel luxurious enough for a bedroom - and obviously it needed to LOOK stunning!



I've always wanted a wooden floor in a kitchen. I look on our kitchen as the heart of our home and since it leads through to Trey's office, we wanted the whole living area to flow and work. We also wanted it to be a useable living space with the right feel for the life we have. The floor also needed to join a tiled shower room and "work" with the floor in there. So yes - LOTS of requirements!


We headed in to the Swindon showroom and, after considering pretty much every option (there are LOTS! I think the team feared we were moving in!) we went for

KAHRS UNITY PARK WOOD FLOORING It's THE most stunning floor and we're SO beyond pleased with the result. It works in the kitchen AND office and gives the whole thing an amazing vibe - in keeping with a property the age of ours but modern enough to give our kind of feel!


Anyway - I hope you enjoyed the behind-the-scenes of our makeover experience! We're SO thrilled with the overall result and our Oxfordshire home flows SO beautifully now. ANY questions on our experience or choices - do feel free to message me here, through my website or DM me on social media @ImKatyHill.

Huge thanks to wonderful Paul and the whole Carpetright team for making our home feel SO transformed! All views are my own and they have SO many floors to choose from - I totally recommend heading down to one of their showrooms! Our Oxfordshire home feels SO different and we genuinely couldn't be more pleased with it all. AND everything makes the process SUPER easy.

Thanks too to Kelvin for his amazing fitting PLUS unending patience (!) navigating puppy, cat (who ADORED him!) and a pretty busy family home! He was super efficient and a great energy to have around and I can't recommend him highly enough.

If you want to see more of the work in progress, head to my Instagram Feed @ImKatyHill and look at my HOME highlights.


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