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So THIS is exciting…..After years of training in secret and working as a Coach, I’m so beyond excited to be able to finally shout LIMITLESS by Katy Hill from the rooftops.

Yup – LIMITLESS is my new company. And look out world!

I got approached to give an inspirational talk to 600 delegates in Florida last November.

And I said YES … because, well, say yes and worry later, right? But I knew it would be an incredible thing to do so, despite my nerves, I decided to do it. And, besides, the organisers told me Erin Brokovich would be speaking after me – ACTUAL Erin Brokovich who’s SO badass she had a movie made about her life and Julia Roberts played her! So – how could I say no, right?!

Now – don’t me me wrong. I’ve hosted a gazillion events and been on a lot of stages so I’m no stranger to big audiences. But usually I’m hosting something, or presenting an awards ceremony – this – was ALL ME. No script, no event to keep on time – just a room of 600 people looking at me wanting to be inspired for 45 minutes!

So I wrote a talk based on my learnings as a Coach, areas I see tripping people up time and again and my own life to date.

Because I get beyond frustrated when I see how people limit themselves from everything they could become, so, however scared I felt at the prospect ahead – the thing I wanted to achieve was bigger than my fear. I love that line in the Brandon Flowers song, Crossfire – “And our dreams will break the boundaries of our fear” – something I’ve seen play out time and again in my own life.

The added bonus was some quality time with my OH since he got to come with me and, since we were staying at Universal Studios, we got passes with our room! Yup – it just got EVEN better!

Florida was the perfect and most symbolic place for me to be giving a talk on living your best life and getting past fear and felt like I was coming full circle. My first ever trip with Blue Peter was to Florida, to film at the Kennedy Space Centre. I remember being wowed by the whole travel experience and ordered room service in my hotel one day because we were leaving before breakfast would be served. The breakfast arriving was pretty symbolic of how much life had changed. We travelled a bit as a family but we weren’t a room service kinda crew! This was the first time in my life I’d ever had room service and, when it arrived complete with miniature Heinz Ketchup bottle I was so excited I took a photo!

Fast forward to the day of my talk and when my breakfast arrived with THIS bottle, it felt pretty huge!

Because I’ve spent my LIFE reframing the fear that could so easily hold me back – and living the life I want to.Checking in on social media on the morning of the talk… and THIS popped up. I put my shoulders back, exhaled fear and doubt and – apparently – gave the TALK OF MY LIFE! Because, what’s the point if we’re not playing ALL OUT?

I still don’t quite remember my Madonna mike being fitted, or walking up onto the stage and turning towards a sea of faces, or speaking! But I DO remember the feedback and line of people waiting to speak to me afterwards. It BLEW ME AWAY!

And the really interesting thing? NOBODY wanted to know about Blue Peter or my broadcast career. EVERYBODY wanted to know about my new coaching journey and to let me know how my talk had impacted them.


And I’d stood shoulder to shoulder with one of the worlds top keynote speakers.

And people had loved it!

The irony is, the conference was called IGNITE – and I was there to ignite something in all the delegates. Which, thankfully, I seem to have done! But the biggest surprise was – what it ignited in ME! Speaking wasn’t really something I was planning on doing on my new journey – it is now! Being able to impact and encourage an audience to live their best lives? Best feeling EVER!


Since then I’ve been giving my LIMITLESS Talk to companies and put together day LIMITLESS Workshops to help people get past fear and start living the life they were born to live!

Their best LIMITLESS life!


The funny thing is – at the start of the year I wanted to come up with my own POWER word for the year – something I often encourage clients to do – and I instantly knew the word was LIMITLESS.

Who knew what that one word would develop into! And so it begins! …..


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