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Hey you… All the love from my house to yours!

So YES – grab your coffee. THE LIMITLESS BY KATY HILL PODCAST is out in the world!

I’m a huge fan of a guy called Rob Moore – if you haven’t discovered him, check him out. He’s got a book called Start Now – Get Perfect Later which is the opposite of what we naturally want to do as humans. I don’t know about you, but throughout my life I’ve always made sure I know EVERYTHING before doing anything – ALL the ducks in a row. Which might feel like the right thing to do but is actually a massive blocker to getting momentum on anything. It actually comes from a place of FEAR. We think that if we cover EVERY base we're less likely to get judged negatively. But it's just one more massive block to us moving forward in life, making progress and getting momentum. And since my word for 2020 was MOMENTUM, I had no choice but to get to work! Perfectionism could wait. I was gonna Start Now – Get Perfect Later.

Apparently I COULD juggle homeschooling with coaching, growing a veg patch (!) painting my shed AND starting a podcast. Who knew?! I just sat in my bedroom and STARTED – like when I used to pretend to be a DJ as a teen as I hit RECORD/PLAY on my cassette player!

This podcast is me, my mic and YOU. Raw and vulnerable from my home and stepping into a brave new space. Which is what I'm constantly encouraging and cheerleading my clients to do. So I actually had no choice but to live by my own words. And I’m so excited!

In this first episode I look back at lockdown, exploring the lessons we can learn from this giant PAUSE and sharing my tools and techniques to help you POWER out the other side! COME ON!

I was a guest interview on the How Do You podcast with Ed James from Heart which I thought would be an interesting listen – talking all things TV and Radio Career and my journey to Limitless.

I often share elements of my morning routine on my Instagram and got so many questions about it – I thought I’d share what works for me. Our mornings are a little unusual right now but I’ve found I’ve been leaning on my routine even more than usual!

Head to the PODCAST section of this site to listen to ALL my podcasts. And thanks so much for all your support - the feedback has blown me away!


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