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Our Family Snug

The Snug (it's a UK thing!)

Defn: Small and private room designed to offer peace and relaxation.

A cosy room to chill and relax in - often features wood burner or fire and bookcase.

AKA - The most used room in our house during the 2020/21 season - site of family bonding, box setting, hanging out and hugging!


This room has always been the heart of our Oxfordshire home!

Since moving here from Los in 2009 - when I was pregnant with Akira and in full nesting mode - this has been our family room and in this past season - WOW did it come into it's own!

Nothing like day upon day of looking at the inside of your home to decide - TIME IS NOW, right?!

All those things you always thought about doing? Yup - if not now, then when?!

We had two leather sofas in here ever since the kids were tiny - because - well, one word - WIPEABLE!

But with them growing up fast (15 and 11) and less likely to smother finger foods all over the place (here's hoping!) - it was time for a bit more luxury about the place!

I've coveted matching velvet sofas for the longest time (how very millennial of me!) so when the team at Dunelm got in touch and asked if they could send us some bits for the snug - I hit them with a YES PLEASE faster than you can ask "is it wipe down!" (and YES since you're asking!)

These two beauties are the 3 seater Halston Sofas and we honestly - we haven't looked back!

They arrived back in February and I've been putting them through their paces as a family of 4 humans, 1 furry friend since then. They work perfectly for the 4 of us together, or for single use - I'm 5 ft 8, daughter is 5 ft 10 (don't!) and we can lay fully out!

When the sofas arrived, I was alone in the house and managed to attach all the wooden legs and set them up myself - super easy! I've since discovered to my absolute JOY that the cushions are reversible. ( yup - these things apparently do it for me these days and I'm good with that!)

So yes - I'm now THAT woman who turns her sofa cushions every week. I'm also pleased to report they're wipeable, which I hadn't even thought possible with velvet. But they ARE! (not sure if that's a company claim - but I'm telling you as a busy mum of 2, that's what I've discovered!)

The MAIN thing you need to know is that they're COMFY! As in, REALLY comfy!

And just so we're clear - the grey colour of them TOTALLY wasn't influenced by our gorgeous girl, Luna! (it clearly TOTALLY was!)

We also selected some other pieces to style the room.

I fell in LOVE with this stunning monkey side table who we've lovingly named FERNANDO!

And the cushion just HAD to be part of my set up!

Despite what my OH Trey says on the matter - clearly I'm a firm believer in the fact that you can NEVER have enough leopard print! (or cheetah for that matter - appropriately reading UNTAMED by Glennon Doyle in the above photo - if you know, you KNOW! GO TABITHA!)

Add in THE most stunning vase and our look is coming together!

We've lived with our new pieces since February '21 and the sofas look as good as they did on Day 1.

PLUS - the bit you need to know! When I started our general sofa search - I couldn't find anything I wanted for under £1,000 so to find stunning sofas priced at £559 (in the current sale - RRP £639) - meant pretty much 2 sofas for the price of 1 elsewhere! And the online reviews were good too.

Thanks for getting in touch Team Dunelm. I couldn't be happier with our snug and the whole service - from order to delivery, was super straightforward.

Now I just need to get the floor sorted and I'm onto the other rooms in our home!

I've recently had so many questions about my choices at home - every time I show snippets on my stories I get asked - so I'm going to start including each room on here as I go!

And then ... there's the garden! Yup - it's gonna be a busy summer!

K x



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