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Nothing like a bit of time out to make sense of life.

I can’t remember the last holiday we had when I wasn’t working in some capacity, so our recent trip to The Philippines was spectacular in many ways.

Trey is half filipino so I was excited to give the kids their first taste of everything these 7,107 islands have to offer. Even flying on a prop plan was a new adventure for Kaya and Akira and I could tell they needed the break as much as me when, the minute we hit the beach, they busted out some sand angels under the shade of a tree. The minute I sunk into a hammock for snuggles with my baby boy, I knew this was my kind of place!

We were catching up with family over there and re-connecting the dots between our little corners of the globe.

AND I got to relax – PROPERLY relax on the Island of Boracay. I mean the kind of lay-on-a-beach / what-day-is-it / no-shoes-for-days-on-end relax. And it felt AMAZING!

Unusually for me, I didn’t take my laptop away with me. Sounds like such a small thing, I know, but as a self-employed entrepreneur there are always more emails to reply to, more words to write on blogs, more life to work out.

I read the inspirational Life and Love book from Lisa Messenger. If you haven’t discovered the world of Lisa and her Collective Hub, I urge you to click through and have a look. She’s just a bit brilliant and super inspirational!

Boracay was perfect. We laughed and remembered what it is to BREATHE!

And I mean deep, meaningful breaths of life, love and re-connecting as a family and as a couple.

I’m a firm believer in the power of sandy feet, the ocean and gazing at distant horizons. And I loved introducing the kids to Philippine culture and what is a big part of their heritage.

Back home we live life at such an crazy pace, the irony is, much of it passes us by. I’m always striving to be more present and in the moment with my little gang and being away was the perfect start for a bit of prioritising life. I also had a few moments of looking at my “babies” and clocking just how fast things are moving and how quickly they’re growing up.

It feels like yesterday we welcomed Kaya to the world and started this crazy journey we call parenting but, looking at her on holiday, I was struck by how quickly she’s hurtling through life and how I need to relish the “at home” years. You know when sometimes you catch sight of your children and the speed they’re growing up takes your breath away and you get a glimpse into the not-too-distant future?

THAT!. So I’m consciously trying to take in every moment.

BREATHE has become somewhat of a mantra for me.

To me, the word reminds me to be in the moment and enjoy. I bought this gorgeous BREATHE bangle in the summer and it’s permanently on my wrist. When life gets a bit hectic, it helps me to slow things down and take the whole picture in – reminding me to run my life and not let it run me.

I’ve come home re-energised and ready for LIFE. I feel vibrant and excited for all the possibilities laying ahead for me and my little gang.

This is the start of such a new chapter for me - for all of us - and I’m excited for the year and realising my dream to become the best version of ME I can possibly be – physically, mentally, spiritually!

Thanks for joining me on the journey!

It’s gonna be a fun ride!


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